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Coming out of the opticians with FOUR pairs of glasses, I could see an immediate problem. Which glasses were which? Were the ones in the blue case for music or reading? Which pair should live in the car? The only ones I could identify with any confidence were the prescription sunglasses.

No problem, I thought – there’s bound to be a case featuring a treble clef (although alto might be a bit optimistic) in the music shop. But there wasn’t. I scoured the internet, Ebay, Amazon etc – didn’t find many specs cases at all, and none which helped in any way to identify what the glasses inside were for.

So we designed our own, and here they are. I knew I wasn’t alone after spotting a friend’s case with “music glasses” sellotaped to the lid – so these designs are for everyone who has ever wondered “which glasses are which”!

Hope you like them and find them useful. They make fab gifts for grandad and granny, teachers, crossword solvers, cinema buffs, sewing & knitting fans and hard-to-buy-for men!

December 2018 - music glasses cases are now sold out.

PS We also make personalised cloths for our glasses cases – please visit our Not On The High Street store or Etsy to order.

Hilly Beavan


Our Glasses Case Designs

Sewing & Knitting Glasses

  • Reading glasses case top
  • Reading glasses case bottom
  • Reading glasses case with glasses

For Sewing & Knitting Glasses

For everyone who loves to knit or sew (and needs to locate their specs!), this pretty case makes a perfect, thoughtful gift.

Charming illustrations feature knitting needles, buttons, scissors, pins and a wonderfully retro dressmaker's dummy on a cool eau-de-nil background.

Lacquered design on a sturdy hinged tin case with flock protective lining, approx. 16 x 6.5 x 3cm.

£10.00, free UK p&p

Usually despatched within 3 working days

Cinema & TV Glasses

  • Cinema glasses case top
  • Cinema glasses case bottom
  • Cinema glasses case with glasses

For Cinema & TV Glasses

Specially designed for everyone who uses distance glasses to watch TV and films, the witty illustrations feature a selection of movie and telly related icons with a distinctive retro flavour.

Lacquered design on a sturdy hinged tin case with flock protective lining, approx. 16 x 6.5 x 3cm.

£12.95, free UK p&p

Usually despatched within 3 working days

Gardening Glasses

  • Gardening glasses case top
  • Gardening glasses case bottom
  • Gardening glasses case with glasses

For the Gardener's Glasses

Charming, original illustrations depict many things close to a gardener’s heart including flowers, veg, tools, wellies, a robin and some weather, while the back of the case reads “For the Gardener‘s Glasses”.

Lacquered design on a sturdy hinged tin case with flock protective lining, approx. 16 x 6.5 x 3cm.

£12.95, free UK p&p

Usually despatched within 3 working days

What people say

"Glasses are somewhat of an issue in this household so I have to say my husband was delighted with this case. Very good product and a clever idea!"

"I love my specs cases. Very strong. Very elegant. And, best of all, they are colour-coded so I can find the right one even when I'm not wearing my glasses!"

"What a brilliantly simple idea."

"Great idea and even if you only have reading glasses, the cases make great gifts. I need a pair of reading glasses in the car to read atlas, text messages etc so the road sign case would sit nicely in the car."

"Absolutely brilliant idea, I am forever getting into the car with the wrong ones on, mixing them up or losing them. Love the pictures on the cases too!"

"Fun design and good quality case. Quick delivery time."

"I bought this a present for my crossword fanatic friend but I'll probably get myself one as well. Very nicely made."

"Great idea … and love the print! They make excellent gifts!"


"Has been very useful so far, still getting used to the idea of carrying a metal (albeit a lined one) tin around with my glasses!"

"Such a great idea, mine get mixed up in my bag, can never tell the difference."


We were thrilled to be featured as Kate Carter's Buy of the Day in The Guardian.
Here's what she had to say:

"A brilliant idea, beautifully designed. If you have multiple glasses for driving, watching TV and squinting at on your smartphone, but are forever getting them confused, here is the answer. Instead of big boring type (or sellotaped notes, as Buy of the Day used to do for her granny) the cases are enlivened with the appropriate image. Crosswords, pens and letters for the reading case, for instance. But even if you just need a new case, these are ace. Buy of the Day particularly likes the music-themed one."

Press in the Guardian

The Caravan Club picked us as a featured product in their October edition, and lots of people have ordered. Thank you so much!


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